If you are wondering why would i need my smartphone charged while camping! Here is a few essential usage of Smartphones during a camping trip: Making emergency phone calls!!!!! Navigation!!!! Flashlight!!! Camera!! Weather! Alarm Music Camping checklist Googling first aid procedures…etc and i assume you WON’T use it for entertainment or gaming! Unfortunately battery technology hasn’t advanced much in parallel with other electronic technologies. In this post i will list traditional & solar power alternatives that you can carry along to your camping outing. 1. Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit with Nomad 7 Solar Panel Charges MP3 players, cell phones and moreRead More →

“A high-quality helmet is as crucial as having a solid bike”. We tend to rush and buy a biking helmet that looks cool…but wait! This helmet can be a life saver! I went over several good reliable brands and came up with a check list of specifications that your biking helmet needs to have: Shell Material: polycarbonate Impact Foam: EPS foam absorbing the impact and effectively reducing the shock pressure to protect the head during crash Ventilation between 21-27 vents Fit Adjustment technology: Acu Dial (comfortable)   /  Giro Roc Loc 5 Marked for cycling!! Aerodynamic design for optimal air flow and minimal resistance Detachable visor forRead More →

Once a wise man said : “An optimist is a man who plant two acorns and buy a hammock”. Most outdoor activities are fun, but tiring! After a long day spent in mountain climbing, hiking, swimming, biking or camping your body needs a treat. Nothing compares to the moments spent in a hammock that makes the outing a worth experience. That little detail / accessory can add to your outdoor activity a special flavour. There are several types of hammocks, poolside, quilted, rope, camping, etc. Today i will only give tips regarding “camping hammocks”. I will make this post short but precise, providing you withRead More →

I always thought that purchasing a sleeping bag would be one of the simplest tasks to do when setting up my outdoor gear. I wasn’t aware of the numerous variables to take into account before choosing the right sleeping bag. You might wonder how important this is. As i always mention in my posts, every detail counts when you are hundreds of miles away from home with limited tools and resources. Based on my experience, i will list 10 tips to remember to make the choice that best suits you!  The Right Size  Sleeping bags come in sizes. The size range is usually printed onRead More →

One of the most gorgeous locations to hike is “Mount Lebanon” in the Lebanon, Middle East. “Mount Lebanon” is region overlooking the Mediterranean sea. This region is a mountain range that extends over 170 Km with highest peak “Qornet l Sawda”at 3,088 m (10,131 ft). It consists of 4 natural reserves , full of high peaks, valleys and springs. It is a perfect destination for hiking, and camping lovers. Last May i went trekking to Chiwwan ( shown in the pictures). Walking through the steep & slippery trails without having my trekking poles was a disastrous. Today i will list some factors to be taken into considerationRead More →