Biking Essentials – 8 things to remember when buying a biking helmet

“A high-quality helmet is as crucial as having a solid bike”. We tend to rush and buy a biking helmet that looks cool…but wait! This helmet can be a life saver!

I went over several good reliable brands and came up with a check list of specifications that your biking helmet needs to have:

  • Shell Material: polycarbonate
  • Impact Foam: EPS foam absorbing the impact and effectively reducing the shock pressure to protect the head during crash
  • Ventilation between 21-27 vents
  • Fit Adjustment technology: Acu Dial (comfortable)   /  Giro Roc Loc 5
  • Marked for cycling!!
  • Aerodynamic design for optimal air flow and minimal resistance
  • Detachable visor for sun and rain protection
  • Color and design – wear a helmet you like and think is cool

I found this helpful table which could make your life easy when selecting the size that best fits your head. ( in Inch and cm)

Ok! now you can continue your online shopping !

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