Outdoor Gear Essentials – 5 Factor for choosing the right Trekking Poles

Chiwwan , Mount Lebanon

One of the most gorgeous locations to hike is “Mount Lebanon” in the Lebanon, Middle East. “Mount Lebanon” is region overlooking the Mediterranean sea. This region is a mountain range that extends over 170 Km with highest peak “Qornet l Sawda”at 3,088 m (10,131 ft). It consists of 4 natural reserves , full of high peaks, valleys and springs. It is a perfect destination for hiking, and camping lovers.

Last May i went trekking to Chiwwan ( shown in the pictures). Walking through the steep & slippery trails without having my trekking poles was a disastrous. Today i will list some factors to be taken into consideration when purchasing an Outdoor Essential : Trekking Pole.

Why do we need it?

Simply because trekking poles reduce the impact on your legs, knees, ankles, feet, and back. not to mention that it helps you maintain balance in difficult terrains with extra points of ground contact.

Factors to consider when purchasing trekking poles

1- Multi Purpose

Most outdoor activity lovers do not restrict their outings to one type of activity. Walking , snow shoeing , trekking,  hiking, camping (as tent poles)… Some trekking poles come with a variety of tips. Make sure to select a pair with tungsten tips, snow baskets , mud baskets , rubber feet and rubber tips. It is always recommended to study your track before walking it. Get an idea about the terrain, install and test the right tips before move. When in doubt , keep another pair of tips in your bag pack.

2- Weight / Material

Weight is a critical factor when choosing your outdoor gear. At the shopping mall or at home, an extra pound on your back wouldn’t matter much. But during long hikes every pound will weigh like a ton. choosing light gear is wise , but that shouldn’t compromise the quality. Carbon fiber is the ultimate material to have the a strong ultralight trekking poles. Paying 10% to 15% extra to get a durable trekking pole can save you the hassle of a broken pole in the mid of a rough hike.

3- Flexibility

The more compact and easy to carry , the more practical is your outdoor gear.  3 specs are to be considered here :

  • Adjustable size with quick lock feature , to be used by different people with different height
  • Size Markers , to set once and record the length that perfectly suits you. Optimally the grip should be just over your waist ( different terrains might require different length)
  • Collapsable , to put the poles in your back pack when not in use

4- Features

Key features essential to have in trekking pole :

  • Adjustable wrist strip
  • Easy grip
  • Shock absorbent
  • Quick lock

5- Pair or Single?

Most trekking poles are sold in pairs. Saving some bucks to get a single trekking pole wouldn’t be a good deal. Personally i would recommend you buy a pair since in some steep terrains, you will need to have 2 sided support. not to mention that in most cases, you wouldn’t be trekking alone and sharing is caring!

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